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Fitting Zowa  Goggles


To seat the goggles on your helmet and face, place the top of the goggles on the brim of the helmet.  Firmly push the nose section of the goggles toward your face to seat the goggles inward.  Adjust strap tension if necessary.


Goggle Care


Blow off dust or dirt, and then clean the lens with water.  Dry your goggles with compressed air then with a soft cloth by blotting.  The inner anti-fog coated surface (inside the lens) will be soft when wet and can scratch easily, so let air dry.


To Protect Goggles


  • Do not use solvents or detergents for     cleaning.

  • Do not expose frame or lens to excessive heat.

  • Do not store or lay goggles on lens.

  • Do not use the goggles if the lens or frame is badly scratched or damaged.

  • If damaged, discard immediately to prevent injury.



Sweat Management


Conventional goggles absorb sweat from the forehead directly into the goggles’ foam. Zowa Goggles provide the ability to manage sweat with a replaceable sweat absorbing material when needed.  Several products are available, which work well with Zowa Goggles. They include:


  • No Sweat ® Sports Hat & Helmet Liner

  • OccuNomix Original Soft Sweatbands

  • Skull caps with sweatbands

  • Scott Sweathead No Sweat Beanie






Zowa Goggles are intended for wind and dust protection only.  Although the lens is made from an impact resistant Lexan material it is not designed for use as safety goggles and will not protect you from impact of objects. 

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