Zowa's Visor Goggles are designed to be worn with a dirt or mountain bike 
helmet. Visor Goggles seal under your eyes like goggles, but seat on the helmet instead of the forehead.

Zowa Optics was founded in Vermont in 2013.  Our goal is to offer unique goggles to off-road, dirt bike, ATV and snowmobile riders.  While changing technology has provided improvements in goggles over the years, the basic concept has stayed the same, until now.  Visor Goggles offer riders an entirely different experience, with a brand new feel and an unrestricted field-of-view.  Zowa’s Visor Goggles were designed to be worn with a dirt or mountain bike helmet.  They seal under your eyes like goggles, but seat on the helmet instead of the forehead, eliminating tunnel vision and improving comfort so you can enjoy the ride.  Our grassroots efforts rely on you to spread the word!  Engage with us on social media to be part of a revolution: the evolution of  Zowa Visor Goggles.


Charles Lysogorski

I am the founder and inventor of Visor Goggles.  I have always hated how traditional goggles restrict vision and make you feel confined, hindering you from really experiencing the outdoors. 

Sarah Lysogorski
Jeff Nicoll

Sarah is our marketing consultant and financial advisor.  

Jeff of Ambix Manufacturing is our engineering consultant for goggle design and fabrication.