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Trail Rider Magazine April  2024 page 28

We've been running a unique form of eye protection for over a hand-full of years now and thought it was high time to give them just due!

Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan Magazine June 21 page8

While this article wasn’t initially meant to be a product review and this isn’t intended as an endorsement per-say, I can honestly tell you that I’ll personally be wearing Zowa goggles from now on with just my regular prescription glasses. Interesting to discover something so different and unique that solves a problem in such a ground-breaking way. Definitely worth checking out whether you wear glasses or not.


Trail Rider Magazine May 2021 page 17

Hats off to Zowa for their unique , quality design.  Where they really shinned was an increased field of vision. It's refreshing when something new comes along that's so different and impressive.


Amazon  JULIE  5.0 out of 5 starsBest goggles if you wear glasses. June 30, 2019

I have had these goggles for about three years and wear them on my atv with my glasses and a dirt bike helmet. They are great, can't ride without them, so much more vision than wearing regular goggles, I highly recommend them. Coming back now to buy more as someone just stole mine!! Gonna have to lock them up in future!!

NETRA Magazine June 2018 Review by James Blais


Yeah, you’ve seen them.  Those large goggles look so different to the conventional ones we’re used to.  Well you can't judge a book…. yadda, yadda, yadda. I was recently asked to take Zowa Optics Visor Goggles for a spin.  I did one better, I had four different riders try them out.

At the end of the ride, I asked all the riders their overall opinion.  The resounding answer was that vision was definitely improved and that these goggles didn’t feel any different than their regular goggles.

American Snowmobiler Tech Notes Extra: Mixin' and Matchin'

Which goggle and helmet combos work! March 21 2018 Review by Ryan Thompson

We also tested a new Zowa goggle which is a “visor goggle.” This goggle is meant to seal with the helmet AND your face. Basically, it seals against part of the helmet as well as around your cheeks and nose. If you are looking for a lot of peripheral vision and a goggle you can fit your glasses under and not have them rubbing on the lenses, then this is a fantastic option. Our test rider Kevin thinks they are the best things since sliced bread. 

Everything I hate about goggles have been addressed with these goggles

Review by Audiophile1 February 19, 2018

Everything I hate about goggles have been addressed with these goggles. No more getting sweated out and no more tunnel vision. With these goggles I am able to have peripheral vision and my field of view is the same as having no goggles at all. They vent well and don't really block any vents in my helmet since they vent from the top.  Fresh air is forced between the helmet visor and the goggles. I can actually feel a little air flow which helps cool my face. They look huge when you take them out of the box but they fit my helmet perfectly. These are great and I highly recommend them. I have a pair of $150 Oakley's that I just can't wear when I ride so the value and functionality of these far surpass anything else. They are a real bargain and I opted for the double pane lens for less fogging and double eye protection.

Trail Rider Magazine  March-April 2,2017


Last month during our Timberline adventure, we were introduced to a unique eye protection design, the Zowa Optics Visor Goggles. This is an entirely new design compared to traditional goggles - the Zowa goggles seal under your traditional goggles but seat on the helmet instead of the forehead. 


I flat out love them. The increased field-of-vision is amazing and almost impossible to fog. For those who wear glasses they are OTG compatible.   I’m Sold!

Adventure Motorcycle Review by Carl Parker. Posted in Gear June 21 2016

Goggle design hasn’t changed much over the past 20 years. Aside from some minor peripheral vision or venting improvements, the basic “mask Ftting” concept has remained the same until now. ZOWA, a family owned US based company, set out to do something completely different with goggles.


While the ZOWA High Performance Goggles fit around the nose and cheek like conventional goggles, the radical difference comes from the oversized frame which mates the brow of the helmet. This in effect gives a larger lens, which provides a much better field-of-view (FOV) and is wonderfully useful not only on trails, but in traUc.

Zowa Goggles Trail Rider November 16 2016 Review by Kevin Novello

Did you happen to notice the funky-looking goggles that we used with the Beta test? Those are the new Visor Goggles by Zowa and they are an interesting idea. The top fits over the helmet just below the visor while the base of goggles rest in the traditional location below your eyes and along the bridge of your nose.
When you get past the novel appearance of them, you will find that they work well and have a few benefits over traditional goggles. The obvious benefits are increased field of vision and that they will fit over glasses. However, what we liked best is the larger volume of space between your face and the lens that these goggles provide. Because the goggles rest further from your face, they trap less heat and allow it to escape via the larger ventilation ports at the top of the goggle. And because they hold less heat, they are less prone to fog up.  Overall the Zowas are an innovative idea and worthy of two thumbs up.

Zowa Visor- Goggles  Review by Bill Dragoo, April 28, 2015

Peripheral vision is the main claim to fame for the new Zowas. In that category I would give them an 8 on a 10 scale. My Klim F4 helmet without goggles rates a 9. The lower portion just above the cheek was slightly visible when checking for traffic during a lane change, otherwise I had a clear field of view, noticeably better than with my Scotts.

Would I wear them? Yes.

Bike Rumor Oct 24, 2014  

Bigger is Better, The Zowa Optics Visor Goggles  Review by Saris Mercanti

In order to improve the field-of-view for athletes, many snow and motorcycle optic manufacturers have gone towards larger and larger goggles. The Zowa Visor Goggle has taken this evolution to its next logical step by pushing the top lip of the goggle onto the visor, to create a completely unrestricted field-of-view.

I was impressed when I tried the Zowa goggles briefly. While I normally ride with Oakley Airbrake MX goggles, which are amongst the best on the market, the Zowas offered a more expansive view, were four-eyed friendly, and very comfortable.

Dirt Wheels magazine Oct 13, 2014

Eye protection is always needed in extreme sports like ATV riding. Goggles come in different shapes, styles and sizes. They all have the same goals in mind, which are comfort, clear vision and protection. Zowa created a goggle with the largest range of vision we have tested here at Dirt Wheels

We tested this goggle in many different riding areas, including a motocross track. If you can get past the looks you will get from other riders that see you wearing an abnormally large goggle, this Zowa goggle is a great product to have. The larger view you get from them can be very beneficial, the airflow during warm days keeps your face cool, and they are very comfortable.

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